About us

we build fun we ride fun marhar snowboards tagline

Marhar Snowboards proudly handcrafted in the USA by passionate snowboarders who had the ambition to follow their dream of creating a snowboard company. Our ambition and passion has inspired us to travel down a road that seemed impossible. From day one we have been dedicated to building premium snowboards with proven quality and performance. Marhar is dedicated to giving you that "feel good" experience every time you strap in. Riding our snowboards will be something you will never forget.

Snowboarding is about community, friends, adventures, experiences and the freedom to simply have fun. On the snow covered mountains, hills, streets, parks or anywhere else you can shred, there is adrenaline, emotion and excitement that follows making rider progression endless. Whether you're old, young or new to snowboarding, you can always learn a new skill; no matter the simplicity or difficulty it gives you that ‘hyped’ feeling. 
In other words, snowboarding is fun! We encourage you to get out and enjoy the snow!

our vision

Dreams are built from passion. Passion creates the driving force to fight for what makes us happy and inspire others. Founders Nathan Morse and Josh Skiles, "We aren’t just another snowboard company. We have ambition to be one of the best. Life should be more about chasing positive experiences in the snow. Simply put snowboarding is fun. We Build Fun. We Ride Fun."