Green ICE FE Rub on Wax

Green ICE FE Rub on Wax

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Green Ice FE is a great universal  ski wax  for everyday use. It is Fast and Easy to apply. Simply rub the wax on using the easy to apply container. Rub it into ski or snowboard with the cork, in order for the wax to embed into the ski or board’s base. Then polish the base with a soft rag.

GI FE costs only pennies per application and takes less than 5 minutes to apply.

The wax is totally biodegradable, since it is made from plant waxes and lubricants. Green Ice FE is also available as a 30 gram cartridge or as a travel size cartridge.  Each travel size cartridge contains 10 grams of wax.


works great at any snow temperature


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