Demo Archaic

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The archaic is a hybrid snowboard, camber under foot, rocker tip and tail. The Archaic is truly an all-terrain slayer; this bomb proof deck is loaded with pop and energy. The Dual Arc Edges create exceptional edge hold, and the stability to charge through just about any conditions that Mother Nature will throw at you. Whether you’re laying trenches on corduroy, or seeking out fresh lines through the glades, the Archaic will get the job done for you. Did we mention it also features a bamboo core? 


Take advantage of steep discounts on slightly used Marhar Snowboards The Boards have all been used but not abused, and need a new home.  

We use a 1-10 rating system for all used Marhar equipment we sell. As the number decreases the quality of the binding and price decrease. See below

10/10: Brand new or perfect condition.

9/10: Have little or no signs of wear but are in near perfect condition.

8/10: Shows some signs of use but are in great condition.

7/10: Are in good condition, and function 100% as intended.

6/10: Shows a considerable amount of use.

We do not sell items rated less than 6/10.

We do not accept returns for demo products!

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Dreams are built from passion. Passion creates the driving force to fight for what makes us happy and inspire others. Marhar is dedicated to giving you that "feel good" experience every time you strap in. 

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