LUMBERJACK Mens Snowboard

The Most FUN All Terrain Powder Freestyle Snowboard

marhar lumberjack extra wide snowboard

The versatile nature of this all terrain snowboard makes it one of the most FUN well rounded quiver snowboards on the mountain and most sought after board in the Marhar line. The Lumberjack is fast, aggressive, surfy with grip and loaded with energy and pop.

Our original idea of the Lumberjack became much more than we anticipated and has become the most sought after board in the Marhar line up. We developed the Lumberjack after we took one of our park prototype snowboards into the backcountry and were inspired by the amount of float in powder the 3D base created. We went at it with the mindset of combining a super wide width with our 3D Sideways Rocker base for a freestyle powder surfing machine after. The first carves we took on the prototypes brought us to the realization that this board was going to be much more than a backcountry powder snowboard. With extensive R&D, we found that the mixture of the right Marhar ingredients created a snowboard that riders enjoy in deep powder, carving up groomers and jibbing the park.

We engineered this snowboard with a super wide width and our Sideways Rocker (minimally lifted edges) to give you a deck that floats effortlessly in fresh powder on those days you want to explore the backcountry and get lost in the woods. Then we worked in a middle of the road flex pattern with our Dual Arc Edges. With the combination of extra edge contact points and a softer torsional flex you get the edge hold you need in hard packed groomers even with a minimal 3D base. We engineered the sidecut to ride longer and shorter so riders can rip groomers and carve tight trees. We could talk all day about it so get out on one and let the board do the talking for us.

We Build Fun. We Ride Fun.


Board Shape

Zero Camber All Mountain Powder Freestyle - True Twin zero camber flat snowboard shape

The flat zone extends past the bindings creating consistent flex, pop, and stability. Zero Camber combined with our Sideways Rocker creates the playfulness and versatility of the shape. This is a perfect shape for those who like to play on their snowboards.

3D base sideways rocker snowboard shape

Minimally lifted edges Sideways Rocker creates a playful, surfy and catch free feel perfect for those who like to "play" on their snowboard. It helps funnel snow when riding in powder and allows for insanely quick spins and edge transitions along with catch-free edges on park features and rails.

Featured Performance Construction

  lumberjack snowboard featured tech carbon fiber dual arc edges

dual arc snowboard edges grip on demandThe Dual Arc Edges yield a multiple radius sidecut that creates superb edge hold and quick maneuverability when laying into a carve. GRIP ON DEMAND!

carbon fiber adds pop stability strength

Lightweight carbon adds strength and durability in high stress areas. The carbon focuses energy to specific areas of the core creating insane amounts of pop.

Quality Material Construction 
 M1 Snowboard Woodcore

Our lightweight full poplar/paulownia wood core offers exceptional performance and reliability. It provides a perfect blend of smoothness, flexibility, high energy, and pop. The uniform and consistent feel makes for a comfortable and confident riding experience at any skill level.


UHMWPE Sidewalls and Tip fillers yields higher durability, flex, and bonding abilities. Unbreakable Impact Resistance


Sintered Base is high performance base is both proven in durability, and speed. Sintered bases hold more wax and are much stronger than extruded bases.


This snowboard utilizes a mix of Triax and Biax fiberglass that adds extra torsional strength for more versatility and stability.


An internal rubberized material used to create a bomb proof bond between materials. It’s secondary function is to absorb chatter on the roughest of slopes.

Sizing Specs
powder snowboard technical specs
>Artist | Nathan Morse

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