DYOB Lumberjill Womens Custom Design Snowboard


All Terrain Freestyle


Type of Rider

All Terrain Versatility

The Lumberjill, sister to the Lumberjack, is a high end womens powder freestyle snowboard. Spring loaded and flexible, this is one playful board. Rocker and Flat Zones with our sideways rocker 3D base creates pop that will send you to the moon and makes for super easy spins. It has soft tip and tail for even the most tweaked out butters. The Dual Arc Edges allow for laying trenches with those hard carves while the Sideways rocker creates a surfy catch free experience. This deck is perfect for those who like to "play" on their board.

Board Shape

Freestyle - True Twin

The flat zone creates consistent flex, pop, and stability. Rocker zoners and a flat zone combined with our Sideways Rocker to create the playfulness and versatility of the shape. This is a perfect shape for those who like to “play” on their board.

Sideways Rocker
Personality | Playful, Surfy, Smooth, Easy Edge Transitions
3D base sideways rocker snowboard shape

Minimally lifted edges on the Sideways Rocker creates a loose, catch free feel perfect for the park. It also helps funnel snow when riding in powder and allows for insanely quick spins and transitions. This is a great shape for those who like to “play” on their board.


*Featured materials specific to this board model. katana womens freestyle snowboard featured tech carbon fiber dual arc edges

dual arc snowboard edges grip on demand

The Dual Arc Edges yield a multiple radius sidecut that creates superb edge hold and quick maneuverability when laying into a carve. GRIP ON DEMAND!

carbon fiber adds pop stability strength

Lightweight carbon adds strength and durability in high stress areas. The carbon focuses energy to specific areas of the core creating insane amounts of pop.


*Standard materials used in Marhar snowboards.
M1 woodcore
Features | Paulownia, Poplar

Our lightweight full poplar/paulownia wood core offers exceptional performance and reliability. It provides a perfect blend of smoothness, flexibility, high energy, and pop. The uniform and consistent feel makes for a comfortable and confident riding experience at any skill level.

uhmw snowboard sidewalls impact resistant

We use UHMWPE which has higher durability, flex, and bonding abilities. Traditional ABS Plastics can crack and break in colder conditions where UHMWPE will not.

sintered snowboard base tough fast durable

This high performance base is both proven in durability, and speed. Sintered bases hold more wax and are much stronger than extruded bases.

Fiberglass reinforcement creates the boards flex and style

This snowboard utilizes Triax fiberglass that adds extra torsional strength for more versatility and stability.

rubber bonding system absorbs chatter with bomb proof durability

A rubberized internal material used to create a bomb proof bond between materials. It’s secondary function is to absorb chatter on the roughest of slopes.


womens snowboard technical specs