Demo Darkside

Darkside Camber. We took what was fun about our line of boards and engineered some of those favorite ingredients to create our all terrain freestyle camber snowboard. It has everything a camber lover needs. The camber shape combined with carbon fiber make this the liveliest snowboard in our line. If you thought you could send it on our other shapes, our camber will pop even higher. You already know camber is stable but we still added our Dual Arc Edges to give extra grip even on the iciest days. If you like to charge hard, jump high and simply own the mountain then this is the board for you. Stable, fast, aggressive and energetic.


10/10: Brand new or perfect condition.

9/10: Have little or no signs of wear but are in near perfect condition.

8/10: Shows some signs of use but are in great condition.

7/10: Are in good condition, and function 100% as intended.

6/10: Shows a considerable amount of use.

We do not sell items rated less than 6/10.

We do not accept returns for demo products!