Your snowboard is an investment, wax it properly! (video)

As the season rolls around we get plenty of phone calls and e-mails asking us about the best wax to put on their boards, or even whats the best way to wax their snowboard. 

There is no simple answer, your snowboard is an investment, and waxing that precious investment should be done with care, technique, and the right equipment. 

Watch Matt share some of his knowledge he has gained with his 15 years of tuning and waxing experience in this "how to wax your snowboard" video. 

If you are serious about becoming an at home waxer here are a list of items you should consider purchasing.   

1) Wax - Depending on the temperature outside (snow temperature if you have that info)        use the correct wax. When in doubt a good all temperature wax will get you through just about anything

2) Wax Iron - Don't use an iron that is meant for clothes, this is bad. The temperatures are inconsistent, and may cause damage to the base of your snowboard 

3) Scraper and Scraper Sharpener - A sharp scraper will make your life easier, and remove all of the excess wax. A dull scraper will make polishing nearly impossible, and with all the extra wax left on the base it will actually slow you down. 

4) - Brushes - Roto or Hand - The video shows hand brushes, but we use a series of roto brushes. If you wax your boards a lot, or wax your entire families gear, roto brushes are a great investment.   There are three main brushes you will want to get: The Brass Coarse brush, the stiff nylon, and the soft nylon for that beautiful polished finished. Roto brushes for snowboards run about $80 - $100 each, while the hand brushes will set you back about $20 - $40 each. 

Some companies like Swix, sells kits that we highly recommend. You can find those kits here, and can order that kit or similar kits from your local shop


If you have any questions, or want to reach out about tuning or wax tips, please shoot us an e-maill, give us a call,  or comment on this video.




  • Cheryl smallbone

    Great info boys. Why even wax ur board. I just have Marhar whip me up a new board. Nothing like being able to design ur own snowboard. I have about five marhars one for every outfit lol. After all it’s really about how you look haha. Joking. Anyway keep up the great job u boys r doing.

  • Paul Bourdon

    Great info, but I disagree with the part that a clothes iron is no good. Been using one for over 20years with no issues what so ever. The important part is to get one with temperature control and to keep your temp LOW…LOW LOW. lol If the wax is smoking, you’re too hot. Great article though guys.

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