We Build Fun, but it takes a Village.

7 years ago, when Marhar was created, it was just Nate and I.  Two friends from high school trying to build a successful business.  We always managed to have a good time, so OBVIOUSLY building a snowboard manufacturing company was going to be easy! 

Nathan and Josh as blades of Glory 2008Blades of Glory Copyright 2007

(Josh and Nate, Halloween 2008)


Let’s be honest, there was nothing easy about it. It was expensive, difficult, and tedious.  I can’t begin to estimate the number of hours spent researching and experimenting with different techniques and engineering. Hiring additional labor was not an option.  Instead we found some free labor, Andy and Aaron.  Not only were they Nate’s brothers, they didn’t mind the working conditions.  Not many people land a job that doesn’t require a shirt AND lets you flex your muscles all day long.

Aaron and Andrew Morse Our first labor force

(Love you guys, found this picture, thought it was appropriate to use)

Instead of hiring anything out, we hustled.  We worked day and night to get a handful of boards built for family and friends. We went as far as tuning the boards on a wide belt drum sander that we modified (no this will not and cannot work). We traveled door to door to local shops, we rode and tested, knowing we had something special.

First Board Sale

(First boards ever sold, 2008)

Fast forward 7 years ….  Add hard work and dedication, and we have now assembled a full Marhar staff.   We still have the OG’s of Marhar, (myself and Nathan), but we have added Andrew Morse (one of the shirtless guys above), as our production manager, Mathew Proulx , as our sales manager , and 4 more part time shop employees. Last but not least, we needed a bit of an overhaul with our marketing, and getting organized, and we could not have done that without my wife Amber putting her marketing degree to work for Marhar.

So when we say it takes a village, it really does. Internally the Marhar team is a big family, and I appreciate every one of them working through the dog days of summer when the shop can reach close to 100 degrees, all to bring our customers the best snowboards around. 


(ride home from SIA, Matt our sales manager,  and I passed out)

Long story short; appreciate people who help make your dreams a reality, because you can’t do it alone. Be patient, work hard, and have fun!  

Click here, or the image below to view the 2016/17 snowboard line. 



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  • Aunt mimi

    Hi Nate. I need a new board this year. Think I will design it again. Love ur story. Gonna spend a lot of time in Aspen this winer and spring. ????

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