Stay Positive and Be Passionate

Building a brand has been one of the hardest endeavors I've ever taken on. As you grow you constantly have to fight for what you believe in and keep those around you believing and trusting in you. Some days feel like your climbing an endless mountain that just keeps getting steeper and it's trying to throw you back down. The endless hurdles are exhausting and discouraging at times but you try your best to stay positive during the hard times. It takes a certain kind of drive and attitude to pursue your passion. And even though at times when the struggle feels like it will break you, when you see what you've created and the smiles/excitement it puts on your customers faces makes it all worth it. Stay Positive and Be Passionate! 


marhar snowboards 2017 2018 product preview transworld snowboarding

Marhar Snowboards 2017 2018 Darkside Camber Sneak Peak

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