Who Wants A Mustache Ride...Snowboard



Almost 10 years ago we dropped one of the first snowboards in our line, the Mustache Ride (along with the Archaic and Aura).



Marhar snowboards mustache ride history


This was Marhar's first park snowboard that had the flex of a rubber band, which at the time was fun AF to ride (see super high definition video below). 




Needless to say, the noodle flex made the snowboard super fun with how effortless butters and presses were. The graphics, however, were the first thing that drew in the riders to check us out and wonder who Marhar was.



Marhar snowboards who wants a mustache ride

marhar mustache ride



When snowboarders took the Mustache Ride for a spin at our first demo, word quickly spread on how fun the snowboard was to ride. For years this was a staple park snowboard in our line.



marhar snowboards pandomarhar snowboarder press railmarhar snowboarder hand plant cannonsburg


As the industry evolved, we decided it was time to retire the Mustache Ride to the Snowboards Vault. We were developing new models, improving our processes and continually evolving to bring more fun to snowboarding with better quality, performance made here in the USA.  

Since retirement, every year we've had riders asking us if we were ever going to bring the Mustache Ride back. With how hot its been so far this summer and ice-cream on my mind, we couldn't help but bring the Infamous Mustache Ride back to life with a new design. The Mustache Ride 2.0 has many similarities version 1.0 had but with our Dual Arc Edges, a carbon fiber mixed spine for loads of pop and stability, giving it top of the line durability and performance.

But lets be honest, its the graphic. This board has always been a fun one for me (Nate) to design as I can sort of let go of any restrictions I put on myself with other snowboard models. This new version is sure to be just as much, if not more fun than the first version. 


Peep the new Mustache Ride by clicking the link below. Only a Limited Quantity will be available.





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