Group fund your next Marhar! Add Marhar Digital gift cards to your Santa list.

Group fund your next Marhar! Add Marhar Digital gift cards  to your Santa list.

Technology is a wonderful thing. It can also be frustrating, especially when you want it to do something and it ends up having a mind of its own.   Take gift cards for example, up until recently you could only apply one gift card/ discount code per order. Simple fix right? Ha, I’m learning that when it comes to website coding the more I start to know, the less I actually know. Thankfully, we have Nate that does all of our website work and coding, so I just nod politely and think about beer and snowboarding, which I hope gives him the impression that I am understanding the gibberish he is so intellectually spewing at me.

This leaves us with Marhar digital gift cards, and you can use as many as you want per order. So if you really want a new Marhar for Christmas, you can get Uncle Brian, Grandma Shirley, Aunt Monica, Uncle Leonard, your cousin Laurie, your girlfriend Amber, your BFF Andy, and your sister Kylie, to all get you a Marhar gift card, and bam, no more socks, or underwear. They are supporting your healthy addiction of snowboarding, and you actually get a gift that you will use.

We love our retailers, and support them 100%. If you don’t have a Marhar dealer nearby (sorry we are working on that) you can still order directly though us, and we will have it shipped from our nearest retail location with that board.  If it is not in stock, no worries we build it to order, and in 7-10 days your board will ship.

 (find the gift cards here)

You can combine as many digital gift cards as you want, it's a genius way to get that Christmas present you've always wanted!  

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