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Winter is coming, and the 2016/2017 Marhar Winter Collection has arrived. With the hustle of summer production coming to an end, we were so focused on getting the website launched, and board production finished, that we forgot our own anniversary. It’s been 7 years since Marhar Snowboards started, I am so proud to be a part of this company and everything we have sacrificed and overcome to continue our goal of becoming a household name in snowboarding. Over the last 6 months we have made some crazy changes within our company and we will update you on that in our next few blogs. Now let’s cut to the chase, here is what you can expect in the 2016/17 winter collection.

marhar snowboards

  • Lighter Faster Stronger. Sounds cheesy, but we brought in some new wood species, changed carbon patterns, and added Kevlar (aramid fibers).

    carbon fiber adds pop stability strength

    aramid fiber bullet proof durability

  • The hottest board coming out is the LumberJack. It’s short, it’s fat, and it RIPS! Such a fun board, the motto of this board can easily be, “never enter the woods without a Lumberjack.” The way this board can slalom off banks during a tree run will have you addicted. This is 7 years of design work, and engineering skills wrapped into one amazing snowboard.

  • Custom Snowboards (design your own) - There are other companies that offer a custom feature, but none that has the experience and award winning performance that Marhar offers. The sky’s the limit, work directly with our design team to get the base and top sheet of your dreams, with award winning performance.

  • Bamboo to the Core (formerly Bamboo DNA). Over 450 laminations of bamboo throughout decks like the : Regent, Archaic, and Throwback. It’s a natural way to increase pop, without using more carbon, or other reinforcements. You want a responsive deck, grab one with Bamboo to the Core.


  • Dual Arc Edges (formerly attack arc) – Dual Arc Edges explain our sidecut perfectly. A Multi-radius sidecut that gives you that Grip when you need, but doesn’t slow you down in those hard carves. The design is subtle, but makes a major impact on the performance. This is available in all of our Men’s and Women’s boards.

    dual arc edges grip on demand

Comment and let us know what you think of the new line. We love hearing feedback.

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  • Paul Bourdon

    Site looks good guys. The Regent graphics are on point. Sharp, simple and clean. Nice work! Looking forward to getting some turns in together this season!

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