Free Your Mind - The Value of Switching Brands

Free Your Mind

There is an old saying; "The mind is like a parachute. It functions best when open".

Parachute opening, marhar snowboards and brand switching

Now, that may sound a bit cheesy and cliché (I'll admit it does), but it couldn't be more true. It's what keeps us from getting forever stuck in the quicksand of a boring, monotonous lifestyle.

Take music as an example. Many of my friends question my musical taste. I can't tell you how many times I've heard them say, "What is this crap? Play something we know! Classic rock!!".  My standard reply is this, 'I like classic rock as much anyone, but there have been four decades of great music produced since Stairway to Heaven was topping the charts in the mid 70's. Open your mind and try something new....ANYTHING new!!'

It's human nature to want to stay where we're comfortable. We often visit the same restaurants and order the same meals. We have certain colors we like, vacation places, etc. etc.

Unfortunately this need for comfort also holds us back. We limit our experiences. "Brand Loyalty" becomes the pattern in things we buy. We find something we like and stick with it.

So how does this relate to Marhar?

When I started my snowboard career in the early 70's, the only option we had was the Snurfer. Soon however, Burton and Sims came onto the scene and the snowboard revolution was on. In those days it was easy to remain loyal to a brand because we had so few choices. As a result, I was pretty much a Burton rider all my life. They had proven success, and I truly believed that no one could do it better.

Antique snowboards, snurfer, some of the first snowboards ever made

About five years ago I said to my friend on the chairlift,  'I can't imagine how anyone could make a board that handles better than the one I'm riding'.  The very next day I met Nate Morse and Josh Skiles, the founders of Marhar Snowboards. They were hosting a board demo, so for the first time, I tried another brand. At first, I was very skeptical. How could these two kids from Michigan produce a product that could compete with the big guns?  It only took one run for me to realize how closed minded I had been. Not only did the board perform better, it was a couple hundred bucks cheaper and it was MADE IN AMERICA!  Needless to say, I purchased my first Marhar the very next week.

Steve on top of the mountain with his first Marhar Snowboard

(Me with my first Marhar circa 2011)

As I've watched Marhar Snowboards become one of the fastest growing companies on the market, I can't help but reflect on that day that I tried something new. I tried a brand I had never heard of. My point is simply this; we grow from trying new things. Not only did I improve as a snowboarder, I grew as a person. I was stuck in a rut and didn't even know it.

There is a lesson to be learned here. Keep an open mind, try different foods, listen to music you've never heard before, and consider brands like Marhar, and see for yourself what you might be missing.

 Free your mind, and the rest will follow....

 Think snow!

Written by
Steve Bassett 
Marhar Snowboards Club Rep

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Steve's First board was the Archaic.                                      

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