Online Graphics Customizer is here!

The Customizer has arrived!

This has been years in the making for us, something that we have wanted to add to our business, but just couldn't find the right fit. We wanted something user friendly, and it was imperative that customers could upload their own artwork, and be able to use that within the customizer. 

We do strongly recommend you watch this video 1st: 

Over the years we have seen other companies try this and miss the mark. The idea of being able to customize something means you have the ability to truly make a one-off custom board. To me customizing isn't swapping graphics from one model to another, it's having the ability to manipulate the graphic and be in control of getting exactly what you want. 

Why did we wait 8 years to come out with an online tool to customize? 

- Simple, we wanted to prove that we make high quality snowboards in the USA, and that we put the time and effort into getting reviews, product testings, and retailers to back our brand. While you might be able to find other companies willing to make a custom snowboard, performance matters to our customers and they are not willing to sacrifice to save a few bucks.  

A good friend once told me, "Good snowboards aren't cheap, and cheap snowboards aren't Good."  

Enjoy the customizer, we are here to help. Prices start at $699 and go up to $899. We send a proof after we inspect the submitted artwork and will let you know if there are any changes that need to be made. Turnaround time is 2-4 weeks. 


Are you ready to become a snowboard designer?


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