Can you blame them? Big announcement from Burton Snowboards

Late last night we caught wind of an interesting memo sent out to Burton Snowboards Independent Sales Rep. In a nut shell, they will be firing all of their independent reps (unless they were lucky enough to land a new gig within the organization) and moving to an in-house sales structure with 5 main territories . Early this morning, published the memo, read that here. The memo is somewhat vague, but lays out their new plan to focus more on their DTC (direct to consumer) sales, their premium retail accounts, and resorts. 

Is this shocking? Maybe to some retailers because they have built their entire business selling Burton, and will argue that they helped create Burton into what it is today. Truth is, they are probably right, but if you don't remember a year ago, we talked about "adapt or die."  Burton is taking matters into their own hands, maybe they are tired of being burned for millions each year for major closings/bankruptcies, or maybe they are tired of chasing down money from dealers who fail to pay, we can only speculate, and in my opinion you can only sell so many "free boards." At the end of the day that doesn't pay the bills!  

For years there has been a growing disconnect with dealers and brands, and we are no stranger to the issue. The fight for selling direct vs selling to dealers/wholesale is a legitimate problem with aging brick and mortar locations, lack of technology, and outdated business models. Some shops do not have a website, others have websites that are not functional, while others have invested into having a stable online foot print. I would argue that in today's world, a companies website is the first impression people see over the sign that sits 10 feet high in front of their store. 

We do our best to ensure our dealers have a successful sell through, and in fact it has been part of our focus for the last 7 years. We have instituted a distribution network with our dealers to be able to fulfill orders in their territory with our items on their shelves. The idea behind it; if we already have that snowboard on a store shelf, why would we manufacture another one and send it to that customer? Essentially we would have two snowboards but only one paying customer, which in my opinion is the exact recipe for over production which will result in liquidation of carry over product.

Change is hard, but come on, it wasn't like you were newlyweds, you were the couple that managed to get by, but you were putting in all the effort only to get screwed in a different way than you initially intended.  

Ironically inside of Burton's Headquarters is a motto on their wall, "You need to know where you've been before you know where you are going." I'm sure all you non-premium dealers appreciate that. 

Last opinion: If I am one of the independent shops aka "non-premium dealers" I would be spending the next few months educating myself on what brands you can sell in your shop. You are going to need a new strategy, because that giant B is no longer a sale, ironically it has to become your new sales pitch. 




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    4 ways Asian dating sites apps are anti

    identified a cutie in Singapore, But language tied? no hassle just grab your phone, And download among several other new dating apps for singles in Asia.

    But the characteristics stop there for Tinder’s homegrown Asian rivals.

    The sellers behind these apps say dating in Asia is different swapping numbers at a bar or hooking up just isn’t common. These apps aim to have a friendly, Safe community for users to meet other unusual folk.

    “Tinder is well-lit red, Whereas we take objective colors like blue, green, fresh it calms, Said joseph Phua, organizer of Singapore based dating app Paktor. "When you’re using the app, You don’t feel like it is something that’s leaning towards hookups it’s a way to meet new people,

    Here’s examine what sets Asia’s dating apps apart:

    concerned: 10 options to Tinder

    Get a third bring

    wish you had a wing man? Need a buddy in case you want to bail on a bad date?

    Philippines app Peekawoo just might discover you a [url=]What to Expect When Marrying a Filipina[/url] chaperone, Or create a group date. (administered dating isn’t unusual in this mainly Roman Catholic country.)

    Having a chaperone adds security when meeting the first time, Said head honcho and CEO Valenice Balace, owning acted as a chaperone. And group romance "Keeps the while conversing light, She celebrity fad.

    Peekawoo’s group dates may incorporate up to six people, and they’ll even host larger events with "An inside wing man and wing woman, Whose sole liability is to help break the ice.

    within the Philippines, folk "Tend to locate someone to talk to, Maybe have a direct hitting the ground with, But not really boyfriend girlfriend right off, because individuals here [take life lightly] quite simply slow, Balace alleged.

    corresponding: You’ll never believe these dating services

    No adultery allowed

    purchasing mistress? that would be that!

    “We do not allow married men on the app, Said Woo co ceo Sumesh Menon. Launched just yr after, The app has effectively 1 million users in India.

    Woo users great Facebook (hub pages) to sign up. That’s standard for dating apps almost, But Woo goes further by cross referencing social media accounts to check that users represent themselves accurately. The app rejects generally 30% of sign ups a day.

    for example, Woo will check a user’s marital status and look at special LinkedIn profiles, Which Menon says are much lower the probability that to contain false information. you will discover a feature that lets users report people who they know are married, he was quoted saying.

    In a country where parents often still vet spouses 90% of unions in India are arranged, According to UNICEF this valuable feature builds confidence among users that the people they’re meeting are indeed genuine.

    Paktor, The Singapore mainly app, Also screens users for fake account, and requirements you to have at least 50 friends on Facebook to sign up.

    associated: Doggie dates have found Tinder!Paktor lets users adjust their style to meet people across the region. "If I’m relaxing in Singapore, I may actually match with someone in Taiwan, suggested Phua. (He used his own app to meet his Taiwanese fiancee.)

    The app explicates messages so users can chat to people who speak another language. Roughly 25% of Paktor’s matches are between american singles across borders.

    Paktor even matches groups of up to eight which they breath common interests. The idea is that users will bond over shared memories, Before moving in a loving direction. "We’re trying to take cues from successes in real life and try to put that in the app, Phua agreed.

    selfhelp guides

    Not sure what your current selfie angle is? Or have no idea how to download the app and too embarrassed to ask for help? Peekawoo offers tips on its blog and organizes get togethers for single gals.

    “experts tons of questions, Balace had to talk about, About online dating, proven tips for Peekawoo and more.

    Peekawoo even organizes events for singles under 30 to help build a friendly offline community and pave the way for online connection.

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