A Year in Review, and What to Expect in 2017

2016 was a scary year.
Retailers were hurting from the Mid-West to the East Coast, and we really needed snow, and a lot of it. The snow and cold needed to come early to help us all forget the Winter that never was.  The bleeding had to stop, but unfortunately some bled completely out and didn't make it.  So there is that.... and not to mention we have to constantly compete with the "big brands" and keep up with demand, quality, and customer service to keep separating ourselves from those who mass produce.
Thankfully, Marhar is a talented team filled with people who create a thriving working environment. 
With that said, a few years back, Nate put this prototype design on my desk, called it a Lumberjack, and told me "everyone will want this board" 
Fast Forward and 2016 became the year of the Lumberjack. Lumberjack had  100% sell through in retail stores before Thanksgiving. Nate has a brain that we all wish we had, and maybe even thankful we don't have. His design work is impeccable, and our team thrives around his creativity. Here is a look at our top requested snowboards in 2016 (both retail and online)
Top boards of 2016 
2)  Archaic 
What to look for in 2017
Marhar traditional camber - Yes it is true, we are now ready to release a camber board starting Fall of 2017. Join our mailing list here to be the first to see when the new line drops. 
marhar snowboards camber image we build fun made in the usa
The woodsman 2017/18 - directional short Pow board - It's like the Lumberjack, just directional, shorter, and just as much fun! 
Fun - You have probably noticed us say "fun" a lot. Well, we started Marhar because snowboarding is fun, and we wanted to build fun. So 8 years in, I'd say - We Build Fun. 
Retail- The Woodsman and the Lumberjack will be available through our dealers once again at a lower price. This means, if you want the Lumberjack, or other Marhar boards tell your local shops. We call, e-mail, send catalogs, meet with them at Trade shows, but the ultimate decision maker is YOU, the consumer.  You can save hundreds of dollars by pre-ordering through a Marhar Authorized dealer. Feel free to tell them this: "The Lumberjack was sold out by Thanksgiving at everyone of their shops across the country" 


  • Ryan @ The Hollyloft

    A cambered Liftem can come any day now! Take my money!

  • Jason S. Moore

    I was so super stoked on the Lumberjack that I had to buy a Regent. I have two days on the Regent and it’s super dope. I would definitely buy a cambered version of the Regent (w/dual arc edges) too. A flat to early rise version for playful days and a cambered version for hardcore pipe destruction and straight sending it on the largest of park lines (not that I do that..yet).

  • Jardoo

    Hi there,
    I would really like to see any possibility to order from any Europe shops. It’s not easy and cheap as well to buy from marhar directly. Is there any focus on that?

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