2017 Lumberjack - Local shops have special dealer pricing.

Our heads spin with how much we have to know and do to have our boards in retail locations across the country.
1) We have to use specific barcodes, and have them registered with the US
2) carry certain types of insurances
3) follow what we call MAPS pricing.

Without those three variables, it would be hard for retailers of different sizes to stay competitive and profitable.  So, when we wanted to do a “retailer special pricing” we have to make sure all of our ducks are in a row to avoid hurting our stores. We  make sure it is done right so that everyone is happy. 

Last February we released the Lumberjack at tradeshows and demo’s for retailers coast to coast. It was a huge hit, very popular with how it rode.   We gave retailers the option to carry the Lumberjack at a special price only available in store, and they knew that online pricing will remain consistent. Retailers who pre-booked Lumberjacks to be on their store shelf this fall have some kick ass pricing on it.  Unfortunately due to our MAPS policy, we can’t tell you how much it is in the retail stores, but I can speak in metaphors to give you some hints:

400 people or less will read this blog post today.

559 people should read it, but 134 of them will be disconnected.


So basically, the select retailers that brought the board in this year, are hopefully a short drive away. While you are there, browse their snowpants, jackets, boots, bindings, and all the other items they have on the store shelf. Truth is, a lot of stores have to follow strict pricing online, but in store pricing is a whole different game. It’s worth the extra time to head into your local shop; they have deals that you won’t be able to find on a www.  Support your local shops


 See some of the reviews of the lumberjack here:





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  • David

    That would be great if there was a retailer in the same hemisphere as me. Also if I didn’t have to pay a 50% surcharge for postage to Australia.

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