Class: All Mountain/Park Freestyle
Shape:True Twin Rocker
Stance: Centered
Our Award Winning reverse camber rocker board laced with tip and tail carbon stringers, adding power and stability for all your mountain needs. This boardhauls in a carve without feeling like its going to wash out, can go into a jib and press, and still hit a jump with style. Perfect groove stick for the young, the old, and the new.

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Artist: Nathan Morse
Available Sizes:
148, 151, 151W, 154, 154W, 156, 158, 158W, 161, 164
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mens rocker mountain powder freestyle snowboard
Techinical Specifications
Length (cm) Effective Edge (mm) Waist Width (mm) Nose/Tail Width (mm) Sidecut Max Stance Weight Range (lbs)
148 1080 248 290 Triple Radius 25" 90 - 150
151 1110 249 292 Triple Radius 26" 110 - 175
151W 1110 256 299 Triple Radius 26" 110 - 175
154 1140 250 294 Triple Radius 27" 120 - 185
154W 1140 259 303 Triple Radius 27" 120 - 185
156 1160 251 251 Triple Radius 28" 130 - 190
158 1170 253 298 Triple Radius 29" 140 - 200
158W 1170 260 305 Triple Radius 29" 140 - 200
161 1180 259 303 Triple Radius 29.5" 150 - 210
tech in this board
mens mountain rocker snowboard
rocker zone benefits
- Effortless buttering
- Effortless float through powder
- All around playful surfy feel

Flat zone benefits
- Stability and balance
- Edge control

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carbon fiber focus power pop
- Enhanced strength and power
- Increased in stability
- Large amounts of pop and snap
- Draws energy and power to the tip/tail.

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bamboo performance snowboard core Performance Core
- Eco-Friendly BAMBOO Flex Stix are mixed into the core
- Powerful yet lightweight
- Insane amounts of pop and snap
- Extreme flex, strength and durability

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Instead of traditional ABS Plastics to protect the core, which can crack and break in colder conditions, we use Sintered P-Tex which has much higher durability, flex and bonding abilities. P-Tex won't crack or break in cold conditions.
snowboard wood core carbon fiber
- a multiple radii sidecut creates aggressive yet playful carving at low speeds and powerful stable carving at high speeds. We took our normal sidecut and took a bite out of the arc between the bindings to create extra grip points, reduce weight and create extra torsional flex in the center of the board.

attack arc snowboard sidecut
identical twin snowboard shape
Identical twin shape
- All around consistent ride and feel whether riding regular or goofy.

vibration dampening system
chatterbox dampener X3
- TRIPLE layer internal dampening system
- Reduce chatter
- Added durability
fiberglass reinforcement
TRiax reinforcement
- Stiffer more versatile flex
stone ground sintered snowboard base material
Sintered stone ground base
- Extreme durability
- High performance
- Stone grind creates a super fast base
slayride edge tune
slayride edge tune
- Stability in various riding conditions
- Angled to prevent edge catch on boxes and rails
snowboard wax
super-soaked wax job
- Quality wax job right out of the factory